January 5, 2024

How to Get the BEST Senior Pics, no matter which senior photographer you use!

Senior Pictures

Every senior & senior mom wants beautiful & unique senior photos of this precious time, but with so many senior photographers out there, choosing one is overwhelming and stressful. How will you know unique & stunning portraits will be captured?

Don’t just go to a senior photographer who everyone else is using (unless you LOVE their style)

  • Do some research and make sure you love their work, especially their senior pictures.
  • Do you like a lot of black & whites? Do you like bold, traditional colors?
  • Create a shortlist of potential senior photographers based on their images, reviews and style. Don’t book a photographer and ask them to change their style, FIND a photographer that FITS YOUR style
  • Beware of senior photographers that only post washed out or overly filtered photos. These are fun for social, but in the end, classic & traditional portraits with true color will stand the test of time.

Reach Out

With your shortlist in hand, to your potential candidates.

Then wait to see how organized & timely the photographer is. Most senior photographers are busy, so don’t expect a response within a day. Allow 2-3 days for a response back. If it takes too long or you get a strange vibe, move on! If you REALLY want to pursue them, reach out another way. Instead of email, try to text or call. We all know how our junk folder can trip us up.

After getting info or meeting in person or zoom, consider your budget for your senior portrait package. If they pass the test move on to the next step!

Vet your senior photographer

So you have narrowed it down to a 1-3 senior photographers, now it’s time to get serious.

  • Find out what options are available for the senior photo shoot. Where do we go? How far will you travel?
  • Will hair/makeup be included? Will the photographer answer me back or engage in clothing consultations? Do they offer guidance for wall-art and design albums or is it an all-digital shoot?
  • Is the photographer willing to provide proof of insurance?
  • Does the photographer include food/accommodations?
  • Have you looked at reviews? (don’t go below 4.3 ⭐ on Google)
  • How long has the photographer been in business?

These are all important things to consider

Buyer Beware

Remember the old adage: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

  • Low prices may indicate a lack of experience or quality. Professional photographers typically charge competitive rates based on their skills, equipment and the overall quality of their work.
  • Individuals offering unrealistically low prices may be newcomers to the industry or unreliable freelancers. There's a risk that they may not deliver the quality or consistency you expect
  • Steer clear of all digital senior picture packages or at least do your research. Many newcomers offer “all digital senior pics for $300!” But these are usually minimally edited or even unproperly cropped images. If you can only afford this type of session, make SURE you ask to see a few finished galleries of former clients!

Is it worth it?

Like anything good, an amazing senior photo experience will not be cheap. The best photographers in the industry will offer a complete package, from consultations, stylizing outfits, home décor guidance, album design, accommodations & more!

But YES, it is totally worth it. This is the end of the high school career, a moment in time to capture the essence of who they are. Cherish it and reflect upon it with a luxury photo shoot, album & wall art that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Expect to pay a booking fee anywhere from $500+ depending on the type of shoot, then set up payment plans or have a budget in place.

Senior Pic in Pella Iowa
Iowa Lake Senior Picture
Senior Picture in Library

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