January 8, 2024

How to get the BEST Senior Pictures with a Bassoon (or anything else!)

Senior Pictures

"My hobbies aren’t cool enough to use for my senior pics!"

I hear this all the time and I’m here to tell you..YES THEY ARE! Your hobbies help define you and that should be reflected in your senior pictures. If you aren't sure whether to bring your hobby props, bright them anyway!

Props to Bring for Your Senior Pictures.

Favorite books
Instruments - even FULL band uniforms
Future career interests
Sports FULL uniforms, props & tees
Club uniforms, tees & props
Anything you are passionate about, even shoes 👠 -

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Now What?

Talk to your senior photographer - tell them your ideas and hopefully, they will be able to come up with a plan! Locations can really make hobby pictures come to life. Sports photo composites/wall art are generally done in your photographer’s studio but here are some other ideas:


Place of employment

Sports Complex



City Scape

Natural Field

Bowling Alley

Favorite Place to Shop

Hopefully this guide has been helpful when your looking for senior photographer's near you. Watch your email for more future tips from colors, jewelry, make-up and sales & ordering tips to get the most out of your senior photo session experience.