January 11, 2024

Ways to Save Hundreds (if not Thousands) of Dollars on Senior Photos!!

Senior Pictures

Everyone wants a good deal, right? Saving money or getting more for your money is a common goal for seniors, but photographers don’t really offer sales or coupons. That said, there are a few ways you can work with your senior photographer to save. *not every photographer will offer any/all of these deals, but some will so its worth it to ask!*

elegant senior pictures with your friend

Offer to be a senior model

If you have been reading my guides you will have seen a lot of the same ‘models.’ in my seniors pictures. Yep, that’s right! I ‘hire’ 5-8 senior models per year in exchange for a discount. We also usually do an additional fun photoshoot!


Offer Google and/or Facebook reviews in exchange for something.


Speaking of social media…do you have a big following? If so, your photographer may offer photo credit in exchange for 10-15 posts tagging their studio & speaking highly of them.


Ask your senior photographer if they offer discounts for scheduling during slow season. And plan ahead, some photographers offer discounts for early sessions.

Hire a professional Makeup artist & hair stylist

While this sounds counterintuitive, it’sa worth it to have your hair and make-up perfect. Most photographers touch up finals for albums, wall art & prints. If, however, you purchase extra images or proofs (unedited images) they will look more finished with a good make-up base. Photographers charge for their time, so extra editing could really add up.

Double up

Ask your senior photographer if you can get a discount by adding a friend to your session.


Ask your senior photographer if they would offer you product credit in exchange for booked referrals. Then show everyone your portraits & give out studio business cards with your name on them.

Contract Details

Lastly, review the contract. Carefully read and understand the senior photographer's contract before committing. Ensure you know what's included, the pricing structure, and any potential additional costs.