January 6, 2024

What do I Wear for My Senior Picture Session?

Senior Pictures

This is a big one, and you should have help from your Senior photographer.

What we do: We have you send us all of the outfits you are thinking for your senior pictures, then we start planning the shoot based on the outfits/locations discussed. For instance, if you are planning on a sparkly prom dress, a country field may not be the correct scene. Maybe a downtown skyline, sleek architecture or even inside a fancy lobby may be better. If we are doing multiple senior photo sessions, I will tell you what to wear for each session.

Here is a good breakdown

Casual Look #1 - Jeans, tee, jacket, tennis shoes
Casual Look #2 - Shorts, tank, birks
Dressy Look #1 - Dress, hat, wedges
Dressy Look #2 - Jumpsuit, stilettos
Formal Look - Prom Dress Or Suit
Sports/Hobby Look

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This is just a basic breakdown; a lot of my clients will text me when shopping for their senior pics to ask if a certain top or shoes will fit with our plan. This is a time to go all out, sometimes I will mix/match the outfits you bring, even a skirt over denim... something editorial and avant-garde can really be fun!

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful. Watch for future tips on colors, jewelry & make-up!