January 18, 2024

What products are best for me and my Senior Pictures?

Senior Pictures

You’ve researched, you’ve shopped, the shoot is done and the photos are AMAZING! Now it is time to display your photos and enjoy them for life. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Almost everyone is confused and nervous about ordering their senior photos. What do we need? What is the difference between a simple print and a Luxury Photo?

Most of my seniors order:

  • An Heirloom Album
  • Parent Album
  • 2-4 Pieces of Wall Art &
  • Gift Portraits

An album is the top selling product for me. In fact, all of my sessions are required to buy an album. Why? Because I want you to ENJOY your portraits for life. It's the perfect place to combine all of your favorite senior pictures and pass down through the years. Quality is key, opt for a genuine leather high-end piece.

Wall Art

Nothing gives me more joy than seeing my children’s photos on the wall DAILY. I want the same for you and your senior! Photographers have many options for wall art from standard prints (need framed WITH glass) to Bold Bonded Canvases & Gallery wraps, there are many to choose from. Your senior photographer will help you decide what custom package is best for you. My favorite is the gallery wrap high end canvases, they are ready to frame and are so sleek! The most common wall art I sell is 2-4 Luxury 20x24 Gallery Wrap Canvas.

Gift Portraits

When placing your order, have a list of gift portraits. Make a list of family and friends that will need a portrait. The most common size for gift portraits is a 5x7. Wallet sized portraits aren’t as common as they used to be, but most seniors still order several wallets of 2-4 poses to hand out at their graduation parties.

What if I Just Want the Digitals?

Most photographers do not just offer digitals for senior sessions, and the reason is for YOUR benefit. Professional Photographers spend thousands on equipment, thousands of hours perfecting their craft, and they take so much pride in making their subjects shine and creating memories. The last thing we want for you is to have a bunch of memories on a computer only to soon be forgotten about. Or worse yet, you do buy an all digitals package and try to print yourself, only to get bad quality products that don’t do the art justice. Let the pros handle it. Yes, it IS an investment, but you will be ecstatic with the beautiful art that is curated JUST FOR YOU!

" Graduating almost 5 years ago, I still have my Senior Photo hung on my wall! " - Audrey, Class of 2019